Celebrating 10 years of women’s football

March 7, 2023

Build it and they will come

It is with insurmountable pride that Kew Football Club formally recognises the ten-year anniversary of our Women’s Football program.

Today, on International Women’s Day, it seems only appropriate to recognise and honour the enormous impact female footballers have had, and continue to have, on our Club.  Ten years ago, absent a national competition or a how-to manual, Kew FC fielded its first Women’s side.  “Humble beginnings” is perhaps as useful a euphemism as any. Training attendees in the single digits, and a Round 1 deficit score in the triple digits.

The landscape of women’s football in 2014 wouldn’t recognise itself today. Our footballers went without the luxury of waiting for the opportunity to present itself. Teething issues came in droves, as we navigated equal opportunity against the grain of just about every feature of club football that was familiar and comfortable.  To this day, the Club remains indebted to every woman who represented Kew FC in its inaugural year.

Build it the right way, and they will stay

In ten years, we’ve grown and developed a program that feels like home. With inclusion and enjoyment at the forefront, the Bears can now take pause to celebrate ten years of progress.

It isn’t now as it’s always been. Female-cut uniforms, Saturday fixtures, Club-wide training sessions, sanitary bins and changed language.  We recognise the significant off-field progress that has fostered our on-field success, culminating in four Grand Final appearances including a VWFL Division 1 Premiership in 2016. Not bad for nine seasons of footy.

IWD 2023

This year’s UN Women theme for IWD is ‘Cracking the Code: Innovation for a gender equal future’. We certainly don’t purport to have cracked the figurative code by any means. Rather, we remain committed to learning and evolving as best we can on all fronts.

However, there’s no time like International Women’s Day to consider what our 2014 female footballers might have thought a “gender equal future” would look like at the Bear Cave, ten years down the track.

  • In 2023, we are thrilled to field a third Women’s side for the first time. The size and enthusiasm of our Women’s squad demanded the expansion, which couldn’t have come at a better time for the Club.
  • Our three Women’s sides will each be led by a female Head Coach. Jess Burger, Em Avery and Meg Corser will steer the ship for Kew’s Women, well-supported by talented and generous assistant coaches and team staff.
  • Our three Women’s sides will constitute 50% of the Club’s playing group for the first time.
  • Our Club Committee comprises 40% female members.

Beyond numbers alone, and above all else, a gender equal future has always demanded an unwavering and demonstrated respect for women.

Celebrate with us

At the Bears, our story is one of resilience, vision, support, bravery, talent, survival and, dare we say, sisterhood.

Rest assured, this significant milestone won’t go uncelebrated! The Kewmmunity can expect merch emblazoned with our bespoke anniversary logo, Round 1 Launch Drinks, special awards at the season’s end, and a great big party on 6 May at The Bridge Hotel, proudly supported by The Greenery Garden & Home. 

We certainly hope you’ll join us to celebrate the decade-long journey. 

To all of the women who have represented the Brown and Gold, thank you for your vision, your perseverance and your legacy.

Go Bears.

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